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Rainy Season, Dengue Season

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Pretty alarming but that's the fact. Dengue cases are on the rise and it is usually around this time of the year that you'll find the hospitals packed with Dengue patients. Most of them children.

How do you keep your kids from getting mosquito bites? These pesky bugs are so small, I can barely see them in natural light.

I guess bug repellents, that's one. They work great but you have to keep re-applying them every few hours. We have a favorite bug repellent lotion from a trumosquitosty local brand. It has citronella oil and is Deet-free. Just last week, we emptied our last bottle and it's currently out of stock. Yikes. Good thing our house has bug screens all over. That's one layer of protection we got in place. Only, I don't think it's going to keep these pesky mosquitoes away. 

Should I use chemical sprays? I am really not all that happy using one. I got two kids and I'd hate for them to get a whiff of the insect sprays even the "odorless" ones.

Maybe I could use this. This here is a mosquito killer lamp! The UV light attracts flying bugs, traps them⁠—and kills them. Mosquitoes especially! We got one plugged in right now so we'll see. I do think though that this should be outdoors, sort of like a security guy manning the place, keeping us safe from mosquitoes.







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