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Learn How to Count with Counting Bears

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Little kids who are just starting to learn how to count love Counting Bears. My son does. I got him the complete kit today and already he's at it like white on rice.

I want to use these colored bears for our Math lessons. We're homeschoolers and we're a little behind on our Math lessons for his grade level. Totally understandable. My son finds Math boring. I have tried all sorts of techniques, all suggested by other homeschooling moms and they just don't work on him. It's simple really. He just doesn't like Math. Until Counting Bears came into the picture.

We started with color sorting and color matching. With the plastic tweezers, I showed him how to pick each colored bear and drop them inside the cup of the same color. I encouraged him to count as we go along and he is counting! This for me is a WIN!

There are so many other activities I could think of where I can use these colored bears but I will save it for my next post! Can you give Go Bayong Philippines some LOVE by visiting our Facebook page and hitting the LIKE button? Thank you. I really appreciate it.

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