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Hot Brewing vs Cold Brewing

If you prefer hot brewed tea over cold brew, you're missing out a lot not only on flavor but also on anti-oxidants. Hot teas, iced teas, both are made by hot brewing a blend of tea leaves. 

Hot teashot brewed tea are simple enough to make. You just grab one or two of those little tea bags and leave them soaking in a cup of hot water and you're set. Or if you like making your own tea blends and have no love for store-bought ones, that, too, is fine. For iced teas, same thing, soak the tea bags or your tea leaves in a cup of hot water then add plenty of ice to cool it down. Hot brewing is fine. Just don't leave the tea leaves steeping too long or your tea will end up bitter-tasting. 


tea bagsCold brewing, on the other hand, produces better-tasting tea. It has lower tannins, lesser acid and tastes a lot more refreshing compared to hot brewed teas. Why is that? That's because steeping the tea leaves in cold water causes a different chemical reaction resulting to a naturally sweet brew and no bitter taste. 


Here's how we like brewing our teas:

 What you need is a Cold Brew and Tea Infuser like this one. 

Cold Brew and Tea Infuser

- Scoop in twice as much loose tea leaves than you would normally use for your hot tea. You can add more if you like. The stronger brew, the better. If you find it too strong, you can always add more water. 

- Refrigerate for 6 to 8 hours or up to 36 hours if you like the flavor to intensify and turn into an incredibly refreshing concoction.

One of my favorite tea to drink in the morning is guyabano. I heard that it has powerful health benefits and is known to have tons of anti-oxidants. Same goes for malunggay and lemon grass tea. What about you? How do you like your brew? Please leave your comments below.


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